If Incontinence Ads Were Honest

As a professional who works with doctors as a clinical liaison in rehab, holds a degree in occupational therapy and has traveled extensively around the country teaching evidenced based exercises and a producer of a TV health series, I've seen first-hand how ethical marketing affects the consumer both negatively and positively.

Especially with companies that are in the health industry. While some are honest, others rely on people’s lack of knowledge to push their product to the masses. It is the company’s responsibility to provide honest and transparent communication. This makes it difficult for a small business who is honest and has an inexpensive solution to compete against the large company with a huge advertising budget.

For example, an industry that focuses on an embarrassing problem for over 13 million Americans but really needs to be brought to the forefront because of the serious consequences it has on the public are companies that market incontinence products.

And by the way, they’re not just for old people. Many women have this problem after having a baby. Incontinence also affects men. And yes there are exercises men can also do to treat the problem. This problem disrupts many aspects of peoples lives including social, financial and health. Because mesh surgery is dangerous, some people opt for pills. According to WebMD, “the most commonly reported side effect of the drugs are dry mouth, dry skin, dry eyes, and upset stomach.”

Yet there is a natural in home treatment called 30 Day Bladder Fix, that has been featured on Prevention Magazine, in My Menopause Magazine and on PBS TV and yet most have not heard about it. (Full disclosure, it’s my product😊). The only alternatives to mesh surgery are ongoing monthly purchases of products such as pads, diapers, inserts and they doing nothing to treat the problem. I created this 94 second video, (above) called, If Female Incontinence Products Were Honest to bring attention to this problem.” The video is funny and also very true so check it out and let me know what you think.

I was motivated to create this at home treatment that shows more than Kegals after a patient died from rushing to the bathroom and fractured her hip, I was saddened by her needless death and motivated to do something. So please note, the video is not meant to offend. Rather it’s meant to bring attention to the solution to this incontinence problem.