Arthritis Relief DVD: Two Arthritis Treatment Exercise Programs to Ease Joint Pain and Improve Your Flexibility!


Doctor Recommended for Arthritis Treatment

"Excellent therapeutically designed program offering a calming pace with soothing music and 3 modifications of exercise demonstration, making this DVD suitable for a variety of people with different limitations. Highly recommended for arthritis." 

Dr. Patrician Fredette - Huffman, M.D.


Arthritis Relief Workout 1: 

Joint Integrity - Suzanne Andrews guides you with medically proven arthritis exercises demonstrating the same exercises she teaches in therapy to strengthen and stabilize your tendons and muscles to maintain healthy joints, reduce pain, fatigue and improve strength.


Arthritis Relief Workout 2: 

Anti Aging - A therapeutic arthritis exercise program to reduce pain and stiffness while increasing your flexibility to help ease joint pain. Awarded "state of the art qualities for effective delivery and measureable results with the Boomer Zoomer demograhics" by Dr. David J. Demko, receiver of 3 Whitehouse commissions on aging. Arthritis DVD Release Year: 2009


"Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews™ Arthritis DVD awarded for excellence in content, presentation and delivery. Truly an exercise in excellence," Dr. David J. Demko, founder and editor, ZOOMER™ magazine.


Indendent Google Review of Arthritis Relief Workout DVD

"Top class of its type." --Google



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Arthritis Relief

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  • Now because of Suzanne Andrews, my knees are strong and my body is much more flexible, allowing me to spend some active time with my grandchildren. Even went skiing. So not only am I pain free, can put any child in any car seat no matter what. I can load and unload groceries with ease, I saved money from Doctor bills and pills!  Liz Di Pasquale

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