Suzanne Andrews Death Defying True Story

Why Am I So Passionate About Helping You Reach Your Best Health?

It's amazing how one decision can alter your life forever.  One fateful night, my mother, a single parent of 5, left her waitress job two hours earlier to check on me because I told her I wasn't feeling well.  Instead of taking the bus like she normally did because she couldn't afford a car, she rushed home in a cab and fought a rising panic as she saw her child motionless. 
Arriving at the hospital the Dr. said, "it's a good thing you found her when you did as she would have been dead in 2 hours. Still, she only has a 50 percent chance of surviving surgery and we don't know if she will survive after."

Suzanne Andrews, " 
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My Personal Story

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Diagnosed with a ruptured appendix and a severe infection, pain soared through me with a terrible intensity that felt like a sharp toothed creature eating me inside. I awoke from surgery with a fever of 106,  tubes up my nose and in my stomach. Every jostle sent ripples of pain through my 10 year old body. I was given last rites and placed in the  terminally ill wing.  My dear mother never left my side.  Teetering on the edge of death for 30 dubious days, I miraculously survived.  But that experience profoundly affected my life.

While almost everyone socialized and smoked in the "smoke pit" in high school, I stayed away. I cherished my health because of my experience.   I stayed away from drugs and didn't drink at parties.  I was not one of the "cool" kids. I skipped 3 grades in high school as books became my cherished companions. Loved business, the arts and the only high I got was from exercise. I was different and bullied constantly because of it. Even beat up. I learned that while exercise helped soothe the depression from being bullied, health begins in the mind.  We all need motivation and that's what I can help you with!

That defining experience wasn't to be my last. While working as a rehab clinician (occupational therapy), I tore my shoulders while saving a patient from getting crushed against a table while her power wheelchair ran amok.  Scheduled to film the arthritis water therapy for PBS TV, I had to recover as I couldn't lift my arms. After surgery I rehabbed myself with #functionalfitness, yoga, dynamic stretching, arm conditioning exercises and the arthritis water therapy moves. 


There was still more to overcome.  Back and neck injuries from a car accident, giving birth by c-section and having an excess 60 pounds to lose.  Tried many other programs before I created Functional Fitness but they were way too hard and took too long. If you've seen my TV show, you know I believe in treating you as a whole.

By guiding you to achieve your best mind, body and spirit health, you will reach your best health!

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I lost the weight in the nick of time because I credit getting in shape in helping me overcome death defying odds once again when undergoing surgery that went horribly wrong. 

A surgery that was supposed to fix my blocked sinus ended up with me with laying lifeless on the operating table with no pulse for 1 minute.  I was brought back to life and now it's my turn to help you with the best life-giving workout programs that really work.

Beginnings: Designed the 1st Modified Yoga DVD in 2005

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I learned the value of what is really important and it's not stuff.  Because my mom was a single parent of 5 kids, we were lucky to get one toy at Christmas.  I learned to appreciate everything, know the value and rewards of hard work with integrity and feel a  passion for living, good health and purpose for what is really important in life.

Integrity is important to me.  That's why you will only find evidenced based workouts and no outrageous claims.  Just real, honest Dr. approved workouts made for real people 50 and better.

Those experiences profoundly affected my passion to produce Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews and provide it to PBS TV as a gift to the health seeking community. I will never forget the kind nurses, Physical Therapists and Doctors that breathed new life into me.   Now I'm paying that kindness forward by helping you take charge of your health naturally through Healthwise Exercise TV and your Functional Fitness DVDs.

I would like to extend a heart felt thank you for your support. I produced the show as a volunteer for PBS TV.  Each purchase from our website helps people 50 and better live their best life!

As Featured in Readers Digest

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Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews, exclusively produced by Healthwise Exercise, made its nationwide debut on the PBS TV schedule in 2010 and was a hit with at-home exercisers looking for an exercise program that offered modified medically based exercises that gets your entire body strong and flexible with easy to follow functional fitness moves specifically paced to get you maximum results in minimal time.