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Fast Results Guaranteed!

What Makes Healthwise Exercise Unique?

  • Healthwise Exercise are the original creator of  Functional Fitness with modified moves in every workout.


  • Fitness for 50+ designed by a therapy clinician to make your body great again since 2008!

  • Dr. Reviewed and Recommended Exclusive Evidenced based moves to...

  1.  Makes Your Cells Younger

  2. Burns More Calories in Less Time for Fast Weight Loss

  3. Lose Belly Fat without Ab Crunches

  4. Progress at YOUR own pace

  5. Improve Posture and Balance

  6. Get Stronger Bones and Muscles

  7. Regain Better Lung Power

  8. Diminish Entire Body Joint and Muscle Pain

  9. Build Bladder Control

  10. Reduce Injuries Risk

  11.   Fountain of Youth for Active Aging!


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Dr. Recommended

 All workouts are reviewed and approved by Doctors.  

Months of research goes into every workout to guarantee you get scientifically proven fitness results to help live your best life.

With proven functional moves designed to improve your ability to do everyday activities, Suzanne Andrews guides you with workouts that will improve and keep you functioning at your best.


Make 'Someday' today and you will love the results!  

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