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Best Exercises for Weight Loss after 50!

Thank you for your exercise routine. You have the best exercises for weight loss! I started with you in March 2014, weighing 184 Lbs. , 5 ft 7in height, feeling horrible with my overweight body. I couldn't move with ease at all, Every part of my body hurt. I'm 56 yrs old and felt like I was 92 yrs old, barely moving with all the pain in my joints, My blood pressure was through the roof 168/102.
My Dr. wanted me to go on Blood Pressure pills immediately. I asked him to please let me try a New lifestyle to try to bring my pressure down naturally and if I couldn't, I'll see him again. I left his office feeling scared to death about dying from what I have done to myself that I started a clean eating diet that day.

As of today June 4,2014, my weight is now 156 Lbs, my blood pressure is 128/78, and all of my pain is gone. I feel like a new woman! I couldn't even keep up with you before, Now, I work out right along side you! Talk about improvement! Needless to say, I no longer (need) to be on Blood Pressure Medication, haha.


Thank you for saving me, I got my health back, I can move again, like a 56 yr woman should move! See my photo above!

Grateful for life,
Noreen Perez. :-)



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