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Can Weight Loss Help Arthritis?

2 tips to help you with weight loss and help arthritis pain disappear

Carrying around extra weight? Why losing just this small amount of weight helps stop joint pain on your knees...

Ease arthritis pain with Weight Loss

If you have #arthritis, you know how hard weight loss can be. It hurts to exercise so what do you do? Weight gain and arthritis can be a real pain in your knees. Every pound of excess weight adds 4 lbs. of pressure to your #knees. Being 10 lbs. over weight is 40 extra pounds of pressure on your knees. 100 lbs. overweight is 400 lbs. extra strain on your knees. Ouch!

What's scary is these numbers apply to half the population of the US. All those extra pounds can contribute to other health conditions as well. If you already have arthritis, being overweight increases the levels of pain you feel in your joints. The good news is, it's not impossible to lose weight with arthritis with these 2 easy to do tips!

1. Reduce Knee Pain

Knee pain from arthritis is the most common irritation from being overweight. Increased stress on your knees damages the cartilage (cushioning tissue in the joint). If left unaddressed a knee replacement could be in your future. Reducing body weight will ease the discomfort in your knees.

Your weight loss plan should include a daily exercise routine designed for arthritis. That means specific exercises and foods that help reduce arthritis inflammation and ease joint pain. Chair exercises are a great way to start as they take the pressure off your joints. You could actually enjoy doing them as exercises are medically proven to decrease arthritis pain. The more you like doing the exercises, the more you’ll actually do it and results will follow.

Most important is you must stick to the plan. Don’t deviate and don’t cheat. You’ve seen all the before and after photos of celebrities and regular folks over the years, right? They’re human too. They qualified to be the “after” shot because they didn’t deviate or cheat. So can you. 

2. green tea miracle?

Food. We’ve been conditioned to eat because it’s time to, we’re bored, we're stressed, it’s ready, it’s fast, or it’s on sale. Your relationship to food must change to this is what’s going to get me to my goal weight (clean & lean) and this is how much (portion size) I’m going to consume. How much to eat? Lean protein the size of a deck of cards and lots of steamed, grilled, or baked vegetables.

We sit on the couch, sit in the car, sit at work, and then sit at breakfast lunch and dinner filling up like its Thanksgiving at every meal. Thats like filling up the tank in the car, drive 2 miles, fill it up again. Over and over. Where will all that extra fuel go? Your hips, your gut or your butt. 

What can you do instead of eat when you're not really hungry? Try green tea. Studies show that green tea has antioxidants that decrease joint inflammation and slow destruction of cartilage. An antioxidant called Epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) blocks cause joint damaging molecules in people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). Green tea has 0 calories and has also been shown to help you lose weight.

Millions Do and So Can You

Train yourself to eat to live instead of living to eat. Begin a lifestyle that promotes physical activity, not TV watching. Exercise doesn't have to be hard. Chair exercises are very effective for reducing arthritis pain, especially therapeutic chair exercises for arthritis. Start now and you will quickly see results including weight loss, energy gain and better sleep. Better sleep helps you lose weight too! Get started on your weight loss plan now and live a better life tomorrow.


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