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3 life-affirming Tips Fit People Do

What is Motivation?
Motivation to Get You Healthy

I want to exercise. I know how important it is: for fitness, for looking good, feeling good, and for – staying alive. But, somehow, I just don’t get to it: I’m too busy and too tired. After work, I’m pooped, and on weekends, I have too much catching up to do. I have good intentions to start my fitness/diet plan on Monday but by the weekend, my goals get put on the back burner. I want to, but….”

How many times have we said this to ourselves? Too many. Do you have two voices: the first, the one that says “yes” to exercise, fully realizing, and accepting its importance, and then the second voice, that rationalizes it away?

What are these voices? When you say “Yes” to the healthy voice, you acknowledge that your life is important. You are saying yes to everything loving, life-sustaining, caring, protective, and growth-enhancing.

It is a way of living the life you were given, to express as truths in our everyday world, your personal message is carried out in your daily life by your decisions.

The 3 life-affirming tips are:

1. true awareness

2. true information

3. true self

When you say: “I know I should be involved in fitness of some kind, there is your awareness; when you say that it will help you on a daily basis, prolong your life, and, not to be ignored, also give you joy, that is accurate, life-enhancing information. It caters to your “higher Self,” that Self which is more than just attending to the usual bodily needs: eating, sleeping, washing, changing your clothes, and so on. Your “higher Self” is aware of your spiritual needs, no matter what your belief system, or religion, which says that you are here on earth for a purpose, and, that taking care of your “self” so that it becomes a higher “Self,” which is fulfilling that purpose.

The second voice, the “No” ignores the original voice and comes in with protestations, rationalizations, excuses: , “I’m too busy. Maybe tomorrow. I’ll get to it, but not right now.” Very demanding, it often gets what it wants.

This being so, how do we live and, in full consciousness choose the first voice?

For one, understand that the first voice, is the one of intuition: instantaneous, it comes right from the heart. Past thinking and ruminating, it also, most consistently, focuses on the positive, all of life being positive life-sustaining, and life-enhancing. When, as in our example, the she/he says: “I know I should exercise,” they are affirming life. As soon as the other parts come in, the second voice: “I’m too busy, Not now, I’m tired, worked all day” and such, they are suppressing the life-force. It is a choice. A choice that you and you alone make. Think of it: we are the only species on this planet earth who can make choices. Animals cannot; act reflexively. The cat sees a mouse and pounces; it does not think: “Now, is this the mouse I really want? Do I want it today? Is there another around which is preferable? Should I just forget it and maybe take a nap first? We, human beings, are the only creatures who make choices every minute of the day:

“Which dress/shirt shall I wear today? What profession, or work, do I want to be mine? Whom shall I marry/choose to live with? How do I want to live my life? What shall my daily life be like?

All of these decisions are based on our belief system. For, it's this, our beliefs, which underlie all of our choices. We live our beliefs. If we are constant, our beliefs and our actions are constant.

The conflict comes in when the belief and the action don't match. An example: Saying “I know I should exercise, be involved in fitness” is a belief. That belief, to be a truth, must be followed by action, such as: “I will make an exercise schedule and workout at that time no matter what. I will put my health before everything else." For not to do so becomes a contradiction; a belief should always be put into practice. Or else, it is emptiness. We, of all creatures on earth, human beings, are the only ones – of all the multitudes of species, who have been given the blessing of choices. Thus, if you are aware that your first voice, that which comes to you instantly, from the heart, the one that says:“I should exercise, do some form of fitness; for, it is not only life-enhancing, life-prolonging, but also making time for my health” is the voice to be respected. Following this voice, putting it into action, is choosing life! Simple but profound, the choice is yours.

How Can Healthwise Exercise Help You?

As you get older, you may have multiple diagnoses, take multiple medications, and may be deconditioned or perhaps you’ve never exercised. Your doctor may have told you to exercise but exercising presents a unique challenge for you. That's where we can help you. Healthwise Exercise DVDs and Healthwise Exercise TV guides you through exercise techniques and innovative interventions for all your body’s major joints and the most common diagnoses seen in the older person (i.e. arthritis, osteoporosis, loss of bladder control, COPD, and balance disorders, etc.). ​The exercise techniques demonstrated in all of Healthwise Exercise DVDs are supported by medically proven studies which are absolutely vital in helping you have an effective workout so you can build stronger bones, stop urinary incontinence naturally, lose weight, improve your balance, get stronger and live longer!


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