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5 Fit Tips for travel

If staying fit and health is important to you, it can be a challenge when you're on the road. Sitting, getting gas and then sitting some more. It makes you feel tired and even worse, sitting for long periods can even provoke a more serious condition, a blog clot in your legs, also called deep vein thrombosis or DVT for short.

We gathered some great tips from business execs that constantly travel and battle the spreads and bulges along with everything else they have to do.

Stop occasionally to avoid feeling like you're becoming part of the seat.

Make the Time

Traveling around the country by car, I was always amazed how exhausted I felt doing nothing. You'll feel better by guarding your health with some easy tips to include at your stops.

Time is not infinite and can be your biggest obstacle standing in your way of an active lifestyle while traveling. But it’s worth every effort. Being stuck in the car for hours on end can cause stiffness, neck pain and restrict blood flow to your legs and buttocks.

After three hours in the car I feel like a blood clot with two legs and a head. When the opportunity of a Rest Stop comes around, use it to your best advantage and park far away from the rest rooms, forcing you to walk. Then take a quick paced stroll around the whole facility for 5 - 10 minutes. Enjoy the scenery, some of the rest stops are surrounded by nature. This simple physical activity will improve your mood, energy levels and blood circulation.

GPS technology has made trip planning easy and even fun.

Do a Little Homework

Before you begin your trip, research the hotels that will be on the route to see if they have a gym. A majority of hotels offer 24hr access to a fitness room with standard equipment either in the building or at a nearby facility.

If a hotel lacks a fitness room or access to one, stay elsewhere. If nothing else is available you can always use the great outdoors.

A bike trail, path or sidewalks to use for an early morning walk before sitting in the car again. Simply do a little check before packing bags for the trip, you can find out just how many options there are and how convenient it can be to stay active.

If we're going to do this, we're going to do it right.

Dedicate Yourself

Sticking to your exercise regimen is important. Hotels offer all the modern conveniences, but you must dedicate yourself to waking up a bit earlier for a

workout or it won’t happen. Just like at the rest areas, walk or if you’re able, jog around the building. Twice. You’re on vacation, you’ve got time.

This is great for providing a good mood and clear mind for long periods of sitting. Just carve out the first 30-45 minutes of each day to fit a workout in. This will mean waking up earlier than you like, but, when finished, your day just feels brighter.

Avoid Truck Stop Food

Look, just trust me on this one.

You’ve Earned This

If you’re traveling in your retirement remember that you have dedicated your life to a spouse, a family and even a career. This is the time to dedicate the freedom to yourself. The more you stretch, move and carry things the more likely you will maintain your independence and delay the use of canes, walkers and wheelchairs.

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