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Endurance for Wanderlust: How Functional Fitness Fuels Your Travel Dreams

As a healthcare professional, one of the most common regrets I've heard from my patients is their wish to have traveled more when they had the chance. It is a sentiment that resonates with many individuals in later life, including myself. Menopause, weight gain, aches and pains, you name it, I experienced it. See my new weight loss before and after photo, check your balance in 60 seconds, and learn how to achieve your travel and fitness goals!


With menopause came weight gain, aches and pains, and once again, I found I needed to lose weight. I lost 60 lbs years ago after giving birth, but now that I've reached 60 years of age, losing weight wasn't as easy. Especially now that I have a metabolism disorder. I had to go about it differently. I needed motivation, and so my trip to Italy became my motivation! Have you lost weight? Share in the comments below everything you did.

The idea of being able to embark on that long-awaited trip to Europe or explore the breathtaking state parks can be an incredible motivator. It fuels determination to regain physical abilities and ensures that they can fully enjoy these travel experiences. I find that having a tangible goal in mind often enhances their commitment to the fitness journey. To begin this journey towards functional fitness, think about all the movements and muscles involved in travel. Lifting suitcases requires a certain level of arm and core strength, so we would work on building upper body strength. Another benefit from upper body moves is nice firm arms to wear sleeveless dresses!

When people think about getting fit for travel, they usually focus on things like stamina, strength, and flexibility. Bladder control isn't exactly the first thing that comes to mind. But let me tell you, when you're exploring the beautiful streets of Italy and desperately searching for a bathroom, bladder control suddenly becomes a top priority.

30 Day Bladder Fix is like a gift from the heavens above. This magical solution helped me keep my bladder under control until it was time to refuel my body with some delicious Italian cuisine. You see, Italy has this quirky rule where you can only use the toilets in a restaurant if you purchase food from them. Thanks to the 30 Day Bladder Fix, I was able to navigate through the streets of Italy without constantly worrying about finding a restroom. It gave me the freedom to fully immerse myself in the beauty of this incredible country, without any bladder-related distractions.

So, if you're planning a trip to Italy or just want to stop an overactive and/or leaky bladder, consider adding bladder control to your fitness checklist.

Additionally, walking for extended periods demands endurance, which we would cultivate through targeted cardio exercises. Strong legs are essential for walking, and a strong core is crucial for maintaining proper posture and reducing back pain during travel. Therefore, we would incorporate these areas to promote overall stability and mobility.

Furthermore, it is important to emphasize the need for strong muscles to support joints, as this can significantly enhance your ability to move without pain or discomfort. By focusing on fitness over 50 and functional fitness in particular, you empower yourself to fulfill your travel dreams. It is truly gratifying to witness the joy and satisfaction that come from achieving these goals and embracing the opportunities that travel has to offer.

what is Functional Fitness?

Functional fitness is a type of exercise that focuses on training the body for real-life movements and activities. Unlike traditional gym workouts that isolate specific muscle groups, functional fitness exercises engage multiple muscle groups and joints simultaneously. This holistic approach to fitness not only improves strength and flexibility but also enhances balance, coordination, and endurance – all essential aspects for travelers over 50.

Benefits of Functional Fitness for Travelers over 50

One of the key benefits of functional fitness for travelers over 50 is improved endurance. As we age, our bodies naturally experience a decline in muscle mass and cardiovascular capacity. However, through functional fitness exercises, individuals can slow down this decline and even reverse some of its effects. By engaging in activities that mimic the movements and demands of travel, such as walking, climbing stairs, or getting in and out of a chair, functional fitness can help build stamina and increase energy levels, allowing travelers to explore with ease and confidence.

Additionally, functional fitness is particularly beneficial for individuals over 50 who may be experiencing arthritis or joint pain. Therapeutic functional exercises focus on improving joint mobility and stability, reducing the risk of injury, and easing arthritis discomfort. By incorporating functional fitness into their routine, travelers can alleviate pain and discomfort, making their travel experiences more enjoyable and pain-free.

What Functional Fitness moves improve MUSCLE Endurance?


One of the first things you need to do is test your balance so you will be able to go up and down stairs without falling. How to do this simple balance test...

  1. Stand up tall with hands placed on your back.

  2. Put one foot in front of the other, making sure that your toes touch your heel as shown. Stand for 1 minute. This looks easy, but you will immediately find out if you have a balance problem.

  3. TIP: Make sure to stand next to a wall when you do this so you have something to grab in case you lose your balance!

How did you do? Let me know in the comments section below.


Several functional fitness exercises improve muscle endurance, leg strength and prepare travelers for their adventures. One effective exercise is the squat. Squats engage multiple muscle groups, including the legs, core, and glutes, which are essential for activities such as walking, climbing stairs, and getting up and down from a chair and the toilet.

To perform a squat, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart as shown here, lower your body as if sitting back into a chair, and then return to a standing position. Repeat this movement up to 20 x, (depending on your tolerance level), gradually increasing to 3 sets a day as your muscular endurance improves.

Another beneficial exercise is the lunge. Lunges target the lower body muscles and improve balance and stability. To perform a lunge, take a step forward with one leg and lower your body until both knees are bent at a 90-degree angle. Push through the heel of your front foot to return to a standing position. Repeat with the opposite leg, alternating between sides. Lunges can be modified to suit different fitness levels, making them accessible for travelers of all ages and abilities.


Incorporating Functional Fitness into Your Travel Preparation Routine

To fully benefit from functional fitness, it's essential to incorporate it into your travel preparation routine. Start by setting aside regular time for exercise. Prioritize exercises that improve endurance, such as walking, water aerobics, or cycling, and gradually increase the intensity and duration as your travel date approaches.

I trained hard for my trip to Italy,and it was a good thing, because we averaged 10,000 steps a day sightseeing on a group tour! Not easy since I have arthritis, but I wouldn't have been able to without preparing with Functional Fitness and healthy eating.

It's also important to engage in a variety of functional fitness exercises to target different muscle groups and movements, ensuring overall fitness and strength.

In addition to physical exercise, it's crucial to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Stay hydrated, consume a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins, and get enough sleep to support your body's recovery and energy levels. By combining functional fitness with a healthy lifestyle, you'll be better prepared to embark on your travel adventures. What are your upcoming travel adventures? Leave a comment below.

Success Stories: How Functional Fitness Has Fueled Travel Dreams for Individuals over 50

Functional fitness has transformed the lives of many individuals over 50, enabling them to fulfill their travel dreams. One such success story is Sarah, a 55-year-old retiree who always dreamed of hiking the Inca Trail in Peru. However, she struggled with knee pain and lacked endurance. Through functional fitness, Sarah gradually built up her strength and stamina, focusing on exercises that targeted her lower body and improved joint mobility. After several months of training, Sarah successfully completed the Inca Trail, fulfilling a lifelong dream and proving that age is just a number when it comes to travel adventures.

Another inspiring story is that of John and Linda, a couple in their 60s who decided to embark on a year-long backpacking trip across Southeast Asia. Prior to their journey, they incorporated functional fitness into their daily routine, focusing on exercises that improved their balance, core strength, and flexibility. As a result, they were able to explore ancient temples, trek through jungles, and immerse themselves in local cultures with ease. Functional fitness not only allowed them to stay active during their travels but also enhanced their overall experience, providing them with the physical ability to fully embrace their adventure.

Traveling is a transformative experience that allows us to discover new places, cultures, and ourselves. However, to fully embrace the wanderlust lifestyle, it's essential to maintain endurance and fitness. Functional fitness offers a holistic approach to exercise, focusing on movements that mirror real-life activities and improve strength, flexibility, and endurance.

For travelers over 50, functional fitness is particularly beneficial, as it helps combat age-related decline in muscle mass and cardiovascular capacity.

By incorporating functional fitness into your routine, you can build stamina, alleviate arthritis pain, and prepare your body for the adventures that lie ahead. Whether it's through exercises like squats and lunges, or by finding ways to stay active on the road, functional fitness can fuel your travel dreams and allow you to explore the world with confidence and vitality.

So, if you're ready to make your travel dreams a reality, embrace functional fitness. Challenge yourself, stay active, and experience the world in a way that only endurance and strength can provide. Functional fitness eases arthritis pain, makes you stronger, and helps your cardiovascular health, so you can do all the travel you've dreamed of. Embrace functional fitness and let your wanderlust take flight!


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