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5 Ways Water Aerobics stops Arthritis Pain

Water Aerobics is an excellent activity you can do for your health. Discover 5 unique ways water aerobics helps relieve arthritis pain. Don't miss the quick video to see a simple and easy hand exercise to get rid of arthritis pain in your hands that really works.

Water aerobics eases arthritis pain with benefits lasting long after you've

completed your water aerobics session. If exercising on land is difficult

for you due to joint pain, water exercise is a great way to gain muscle

strength without having to worry about putting excess pressure on painful joints. Listed

below are five ways that water aerobics can help you get rid of arthritis pain.

1. Water Provides a Cushion

Simply being in water provides a cushion for fragile bones and joints affected by arthritis.

Most water aerobics are done when you are immersed in waist to chest deep water so your joints don't have to hold up your full body weight. The buoyancy of water allows up to 90 percent support of your body. That's why water aerobics movement provides less pain than traditional out of the water exercise for stiff muscles and joints affected by arthritis.

2. Water Decreases Swelling and Soothes Stiff Joints

See the video for a Simple Hand Water Exercise Proven to Stop Hand Pain and Improve Finger Range of Motion.

Nothing feels as good as something warm on stiff joints and water not only

provides that soothing relief but it can also relax sore muscles, decrease joint

swelling and provide comfort when exercising is difficult and painful. Medically proven water exercises are also an excellent way to get rid of pain caused from a pinched nerve in your spinal area. If you have a pinched nerve, make sure that if you decide to take a class that the person teaching has a degree in physical or occupational therapy so you will be assured knowing that all the exercises are evidenced based - medically proven.

Ideal Pool Temperature for Arthritis

Pools heated from the summer sun are an enjoyable way to ease arthritis pain as you can experience immediate relief in the water. Performing water exercise in a pool that is between approximately 84 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit is

ideal for pain relief.

Heated pools can do for your whole body what other forms of heat can only do for specific areas to which it is applied.

So if you have knee pain, back pain, hand pain, hip pain or all of the above, water exercise helps ease joint pain all over your body at the same time! Make sure the water is warm because warm water provides the ideal environment to do exercises that a person with arthritis might not normally do. If the water is not at the ideal temperature, you can invest in a wet suit to keep you warm.

3. Water Is Less Stressful

Water Aerobics provides an environment for exercise that decreases the stress on painful joints compromised by arthritis.

The people who take my class at the retirement community I teach at happily refer the water aerobics as their "liquid happiness" for their joints as it stretches, loosens and flexes joints in ways that would be impossible if they were not in water. During water aerobics, painful joints are relieved and their range of motion and flexibility are increased.

All these difficulties make living with arthritis painful but with water aerobics, getting stronger can be dealt with in an environment that accommodates each individual fitness and health.

4. Water Builds Up Circulation

Water Aerobic exercise works all the muscles at the same time and increases the cardiovascular endurance without the impact on your body

of traditional aerobic exercises on land. Being immersed to your waist, upper torso or neck increases the return of blood flow to the heart

from the extremities. Increased blood circulation to the joints and muscles

facilitates recovery and strength-building, all of which can

lead to a less painful life with arthritis and improve your heart health too.

5. Water Workouts Burns Calories

Swimming, water aerobics, and water walking all contribute to weight loss. Losing weight can help reduce the impact of daily living on painful joints

due to arthritis and lead to less pain.

Water aerobics reduces swelling due to increased circulation from

the low-impact movements that exercising in water allows, leaving the painful areas free of stiffness and swelling, which in turn relieves the friction that causes pain in joints.

If you have arthritis, what are you waiting for? Make a dash to splash in a pool and start relieving your arthritis pain!

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