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avoid these fitness mistakes

Avoid these fitness mistakes: whether just starting out or getting back into it after a long lay off. Give it time.

total strength and conditioning
No, this will NOT be you after just a couple weeks.

We live in a get it now culture where everything must be quick, easy and cheap. The only place that really happens is a drive up window. If you're beginning a fitness plan, that's the last place you need to be. Let's take a look at the mistakes you need to avoid to begin and maintain a fitness plan built for you.

Don't rush it...It took a long time to get out of shape, give it at least that long to get back into shape. Start with light weights, short walks or runs, warm up before and cool down afterwards to minimize muscle soreness. Yes you will be sore. Don't worry, you'll live. That's your muscles saying thank for putting us to work. We were made for pushing, pulling, lifting and jumping not sitting at work, sitting in the car, sitting in front of the TV, sitting at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Know going in that it may be 4 to 6 weeks before you start to see or feel any results so don't quit early. You must be determined and patient. Give your body time to transform from no activity to I can't wait to do more activities.

total body strength and conditioning
Change your relationship with food. There is no need to stuff yourself every weekend, birthdays, etc.

Change your relationship with food...The fit people in magazines and TV not only exercise their bodies, they exercise discipline with food. Their priority is clean healthy nutrition. Clean foods deposit vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Fast foods deposit oils, fats and toxic residues that the human body was never designed to ingest. Those are what build up in your system and become the bulges on your backside and middle.

The main side effect of eating healthy from now on is you're more likely to grow into old age without a heart attack or stroke. Pretty cool.

Eat portion sizes that will get you through to your next meal, not next week. The human metabolism was developed from our ancestors eating anything they could find growing in the wild like figs, berries & leaves for 20,000 years. We're not designed to take massive portions of burgers, shakes & fries three times a day year after year. Begin and continue to treat food as fuel, not an amusement ride.

total strength & conditioning
The average for TV watching is 35 hrs a week!?!

I don't have time to exercise...See the caption above. Thats 140 hrs a month. If this is you, now is the time to decide if watching complete strangers on TV living their dreams is better than you going out and living YOUR dreams. Life is full of distractions. There is no distraction I know of that takes priority over taking steps to be healthy, strong, functional and alive not just for yourself but for those who love you. If you can find five hours a week to do some moderate to vigorous physical activity, you'll be amazed at the transformation to your mood, weight loss, energy and appearance. I like to imagine that in an emergency I won't need to be rescued. But rather, help the rescuers.

Forget the scale, use other measurements...Use the scale only once every two weeks. Any more than that will only induce frustration as in, "what's taking so long"?

Use other measurements to track progress. It's not scientific, but how you feel and look are best to use when you're starting out. Is your clothing fitting better or looser? Are you able to hook the belt tighter and still breathe? Progress! Are the weights getting easier to lift and your walks getting longer? Is your overall energy level lasting all day? That's real progress.

It will take commitment...I leave you with this final thought. When you have decided that you've had enough of your old self and want to get renewed and rejuvenated, it won't work unless you do. This is not a do it for a couple weeks and I'll be fine. Set aside three days or nights a week (or more) from now on. When family or friends ask, where's (your name), the answer will be, he/she's committed to working out and getting fit. And their first thought will be, Wow, good for you!!


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