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Beauty secrets of Legendary celebritie: Part 1

With the aid of beauty experts, actors and models trick the camera into photographing them in their most flattering likeness. Celebrities are not the only ones who have the benefit of make-up artists, hair stylists and image consultants, you now do to!

Celebrity Beauty Secrets
Celebrity Beauty Secrets

In Italian, the word for make-up is trucco. It derives from an ancient word that means to cheat or trick. Over the years as a celebrity make-up artist as well as hosting my own television series, I learned many tricks to help you look younger.

I fell in love with what make-up could do at the age of 11. My older sister brought me to a make-up studio and I watched the make-up artist skillfully apply make-up to her face, beautifying her face with each stroke of the brush.

At 22, I move to New York City and worked with many celebrities. I often didn't know who they were until I was half way through making them up. (Sometimes we were in such a hurry to get everyone ready that we didn't have time to look at the schedule of who was sitting in the chair next). While you may know me from my PBS TV series, Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews®, fitness is only part of how I enjoy inspiring others to look and feel their best. I believe in helping women with a complete mind, body, spirit makeover and that's what you're going to learn in Healthwise Exercise Health - Beauty Blog!

You don't have to be 20 something with perfect skin to look beautiful either. Legendary actress, Jane Russell who was famous for making many movies sat in my make-up while I was working at CBS TV in New York City. She mentioned, "I'd never want to live in New York City as it's just too cold and fast paced for me." I could relate as I never could tolerate cold weather. It's no wonder I moved to Florida. In my younger days, I liked the fast pace, but as I've grown older, I've adapted to the Florida lifestyle.

Jane Russel was concerned about the lines on her face being emphasized with powder.

Jane Russel Beauty Secrets
Legendary Movie Star, Jane Russell

When you begin to get wrinkles, powder can make your wrinkles look more pronounced if not applied correctly.


Use powder sparingly and apply with a big soft powder brush. What kind of powder? Loose transparent powder that doesn't have any sparkle to it. Sparkle highlights wrinkles.

Powder also helps your blush stay on so make sure not to miss this step if you want long lasting making.

I hope you enjoyed this tip and make sure to check out our other free health and beauty tips to help you look and feel years younger!

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