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Exercises for Osteoporosis

Exercises for osteoporosis. Sure beats surgery.

If you have osteoporosis, here are the best exercises for osteoporosis...

If you have never exercised, or ever wondered why anybody would, here’s your chance to discover why so many people do. The best exercises for #osteoporosis are many of the same things you do daily anyway. You just have to add some light weights and do them consistently. Why? You don't live in a country, a city or a house. You live in your body. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Let’s go through the list…Weight Bearing Exercises. This doesn’t mean to carry dumbbells around all day. This means walking with a water bottle in each hand or some light 2-3 lbs. weights for 20-30 minutes. Make it a brisk pace like you have to be somewhere in a hurry. Not a gentle stroll like window shopping at the mall. If its hilly in your area, even better as you’ll get stronger legs as a bonus. An osteoporosis exercise that’s accessible and free.

Climbing Stairs…If you work in or frequent a building that has you going to the second or third floor, take the steps. Your legs and butt are major muscle groups that need to be as strong a durable as you can make them. Let the “older” people ride the elevator. In time after walking with light weights, climbing stairs will be a breeze.

osteoporosis exercise
Get up, get out and go the distance.

Hiking…Depending on the distance you plan to go; take a snack and water. This is good, because it adds weight. Walking on uneven ground will also improve your #balance, strengthen your leg muscles, your heart and lungs. If you are like most folks and plan on using these things as you age, it’s time to get them in shape to go the distance.

exercises for osteoporosis
It's not a chore, it's a bone building exercise.

Yard Work…Everybody’s favorite in the middle of July. (Just kidding). Pushing a mower or spreading mulch and gravel. I know, all you can think of is the heat, the aches, the suffering. Always remember, “this is good for me and I will be in better shape than any of my friends or family”. Your body will respond to what ever forces you apply to it. Apply some work and it will respond with strength, stamina and better bones.

Increase Bone Density

osteoporosis exercises
Begin gently, avoid injuries and have fun.

Tennis/Racquet Ball…Again we’re staying with using just your body weight as the resistance to strengthen muscles and increasing bone density. With sports you can add flexibility to the list of benefits to your body. Also add how much better you’ll feel because of better breathing, better blood flow and muscularity. After a time get used to hearing, “wow, you look like a million bucks”.

To sum things up…As you walk briskly you’ll feel better handling going up the stairs. When you keep using stairs you’ll better handle going on longer hikes. Taking longer hikes means you’ll handle yard work in the summer sun like its nothing. Being able to handle summer yard work means you’ll start beating your friends at tennis and win all the money!

Sweat is pain and weakness leaving the body.


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