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Osteoporosis super Foods

Great bones begin with great food full of calcium and nutrients.

Osteoporosis diet
Everybody wants good bones. But how do we get them?

What are some #osteoporosis super foods? The old saying that "you are what you eat" never had more meaning than for the millions who live with osteoporosis. Especially women. Let's take a closer look at what you can do to make the best choices when grocery shopping. Try to balance what you love (cakes, creams, chocolate) with what's going to keep you healthy, strong and active.

Foods rich in nutrients like calcium and vitamin D are great for bones and better health. Here are some choices to consider to begin a healthy food plan.

Don't call it a diet. That's telling yourself, "I can't eat like a teenager anymore."

Call it, "This is how I eat to live long, to be strong and healthy."

Even with a good food plan it's not a bad idea to add supplements or multivitamins daily to fight the onset of osteoporosis. They help ensure you get every nutrient you need that your body can process each day. They are available everywhere and are not expensive. You'll be amazed after just a couple weeks you'll be doing your daily routine and it hits you. Wow, I got through that like I did ten years ago.

osteoporosis food, #osteoporosisdiet,
Nutrient rich leafy greens boost bone density.

The following list is recommended for best bone health. There may be things you love or hate. Ok, just eat more of the ones you like.

Eat more of this to avoid bone fractures.

Fish...Salmon provides high quality protein and heart healthy omega-3 fatty acids (lower blood pressure). The fat content ranges from 4 to 11 grams per 3 ounce serving which is very low. Tuna, sardines and mackerel are good for vitamin D.

Your Mom told you to, now it's time.

Fruits and Vegetables

Top of the list for calcium includes...Mustard greens, cabbage, broccoli, collard greens, kale, okra, and turnip greens.


Oranges, bananas, spinach, potatoes, raisins, tomatoes, plantains, prunes and papaya.

Vitamin C

Grapefruit, pineapple, oranges, green and red peppers, papaya, strawberries and brussels sprouts.

Vitamin K

Brussels sprouts, turnip and mustard greens, and leafy greens as spinach, collard greens and kale.


Artichokes, sweet potatoes, potatoes, tomatoes, okra, beet greens, plantains and raisins.

osteoporosis diet, #osteoporosisdiet
Did you listen to your Mom?

That's a pretty good list of foods to consume to maintain and promote better bone health. Now let's take a look at some items to eat less of for better bone health.

Less of the bad, more of the good.

Flavor that dances on the tongue but stomps on your bones.

Alcohol, caffeine, coffee or tea and soft drinks. When you hear health coaches saying drink plenty of fluids every day, these aren't them. All tend to decrease your body's ability to absorb the calcium in all the great foods you've just begun to eat. Also begin to reduce intake of breads, sugars, fatty meats and fried foods. If you must have them, do so in great moderation.

Add in a daily dose of weight bearing exercises that increase bone density. The human body adapts to whatever forces you place upon it. Increased physical activity increases muscle and bone strength to make you more durable for life's little surprises.


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