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Skincare: Before and After Working Out

Caring For Your Skin Before And After A Workout

A recent study published in July 2020 shows that physical activity has a positive impact on healthy aging. Engagement in any physical activity slows down the signs of aging on our body. What's more, it was found that exercise is not only good for the muscles, but it's also great for the skin. Both high-intensity and endurance exercise can prevent and reduce signs of skin aging. Caring for your skin before and after a workout can lessen skin aging and can even make it healthier. Read on below and find out how to get glowing skin after every workout.

Apply sunscreen before every workout

If you're going to workout outside, don't forget to use sunscreen. You don't want harmful UV rays to age your skin. Keep yourself protected from the sun by using a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least 30 SPF. Don't forget to do so even if you are working out inside your home since you'd still get sunlight from your windows. Your skin is exposed to the electromagnetic spectrum every time there's visible light. There is sufficient evidence that UV rays cause skin aging and damage. You'll want to ensure that your SPF is sweatproof, especially if it's hot outdoors. A good way to check if the sunscreen is sweatproof is if the label indicates that it's specifically for sports use. The label should also show how long the sunscreen will continue to be water and sweat-resistant after it's been applied to the skin. Apply sunscreen to your face, neck, chest, and back of the neck to ensure you've got yourself protected from harmful UV rays.

Hit The Showers After Every Workout

Bacteria love to grow in sweaty and warm places. Exercise makes you sweat, which creates warm and wet places on your body. It is important to rinse off the oil, sweat, dirt, and germs you've accumulated while working out. Acne can easily grow when oil and sweat are not rinsed off immediately after a workout. Soaps or washes that contain benzoyl peroxide are effective against acne-causing bacteria like C. acnes. You can also use sulfur soaps if you're prone to getting acne on your back and face after working out. If you can't shower right away, change into dry and clean clothes immediately after your workout to reduce the risks of acne and other skin conditions.

Wash Your Face Post-Workout

Cleaning your face gently after exercising will remove bacteria that can cause a host of skin problems. Washing your face with cold water will also prevent your blood vessels from breaking and becoming visible on your skin, and it will help return skin temperature to normal levels faster. Instead of using harsh facial cleansers, you should consider using vegan cleansers or those with a low pH level to keep your skin healthy Facial wipes with salicylic acid can also be used if you don't have time to immediately wash your face after your workout.

Use a Tinted Sunscreen

Dermatologists constantly remind you that applying sunscreen is critical for the future of your skin health. However, if you don't like putting sunscreen on your face due to the unnatural white cast that it gives your skin, consider using tinted sunscreen instead. It works well as a UV protectant, and it can replace your foundation since it evens out your skin tone.

Applying sunscreen will protect you from harmful UV rays and decrease the chances of skin aging. A thorough wash or a shower will also lessen skin damage. Now that you know how to take care of your skin before and after workouts, go on and achieve your fitness goals.

Article was written by Jane Sandwood.


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