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The Hidden Costs of Poor Health: How Much is Your Well-being Really Costing You?

What is Your Health Really Costing You? 

We often think of medical expenses at a time when we are least capable of coping with them - when we're sick. With healthcare costs increasing as we age, the sooner we plan for our health, the sooner we'll start enjoying a healthier life.  According to the National Foundation for anti-aging, "most aging is premature." Poor posture, low energy, brittle bones are not aging, but a disease. 

Most of my patients with complex medical problems end up needing care as a result of an actual medical diagnoses called, “Generalized Weakness,” leading to frailness and aging at a much faster rate.  

According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, a woman retiring at 65 and living until 85 means she'll need $88k to $146k for insurance premiums and out of pocket expenses.  So what does this have to do being able to take control of your health?  

Nearly 70% of what is wrong with us can be avoided by changing daily habits!


While many blame genetics for health conditions, research indicates that lifestyle choices have a more significant impact on our health. Nutrition, exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol and stress management are the five main pillars that determine our well-being. Consuming clean, unprocessed foods can drastically improve our health, reducing the risk of diseases like cancer, heart disease, diabetes and gastrointestinal (stomach) disorders. Regular physical activity not only strengthens our body but also boosts mental health, helping to combat stress. And smoking? Let's just say I've never met an old patient who smoked because they never made it to old age. People who smoke one pack a day (in 2024) will spend $2103. 36 on cigarettes! And excessive drinking causes dementia. In addition, managing stress with healthy choices is equally crucial, as chronic stress can lead to various health issues.  


My Mama always said, 'You are what you eat.' 

This saying holds more truth than we often realize. In the United States, many processed foods contain chemicals that are banned in Europe. Our bodies are not meant to consume these artificial additives, which can lead to various health issues. 

Take, for instance, the so-called "healthy" foods lining our grocery store shelves. Many of these products, despite their wholesome looking packaging, contain ingredients that can be harmful.

For example, xanthan gum, commonly found in salad dressings and processed soups, can cause stomach upset for some individuals. (As a woman over 60 who has stomach issues: if I don’t watch what I eat, I can say with conviction that making sure I don’t eat any products with xanthan gum in them has helped tremendously).  

"Take care of your body, it is the only place you have to live in" (John Ritter)

It's crucial to be vigilant about the foods we consume and take care of the place you live in. By avoiding processed foods and carefully reading ingredient labels, we can make better choices for our health. After all, what we eat directly impacts our well-being and our bank accounts.   

By 2030, 40.5% of the US population is projected to have some form of cardiovascular Disease. Between 2010 and 2030, total direct medical costs of cardiovascular disease are projected to triple, from $273 billion to $818 billion. Real indirect costs (due to lost productivity) are estimated to increase from $172 billion in 2010 to $276 billion in 2030, an increase of 61%.   

My patients often say they can’t afford a monthly $ 19.99 streaming fitness membership, more expensive but leaner cut of meat or a $24.99 fitness DVD.  Yet these same people who think nothing about spending an extra $200.00 – $400.00+ a month eating out are paying their expensive co-payment bill from Physical Therapy (that guide the very same exercises shown on our DVDs and Healthwise Exercise TV at a small fraction of the cost). I’m not saying all diseases are totally avoidable, but nearly 70% of what is wrong with us can be avoided by changing daily habits.

Your daily actions are your best health care plan.   

Health is accumulative

How you treat your body today affects your life tomorrow.  Simply put – poor health choices leads to poor health. You are working long and hard for your retirement. So what healthy actions are you going to make today that will keep you functional, healthy and strong?  

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