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Hashimoto's Weight Loss Resistance

How to Overcome Hashimoto's Weight Loss Resistance: Weight Loss Treatment Tips

Could you have the disease that causes weight loss resistance? If you've tried to get the weight off and it just won't budge, there could be a reason. Unfortunately, some doctors may advise you to eat less and to exercise more. BUT... if you are doing everything right and still not losing weight or, even worse continuing to gain weight despite your efforts, you may have weight loss resistance that ages your body far beyond its years.

Until the underlying cause is addressed, eating right and exercising won't do much. I had this condition, and my doctor told me I would have to eat 800 calories a day to lose weight! That was the catalyst that pushed me to see a specialist. If what I learned helps you, I know I've reached my goal to help as many people as I can live a joyful and healthy life.

What Does Weight Loss Resistance Have to Do With Aging?

Fat tissue creates chronic inflammation in your cells. (Chronic means a condition that you've had for a long time). The more excessive adipose tissue (fat) you carry, the higher the level of inflammation and the lower your immune system will be. Simply put, fat makes your body older and lowers your immune system making you more susceptible to disease. A person can be 50 and have a body of an 80-year-old or be 90 and have a body of a 60-year-old.

Working as a clinical rehab liaison, I've seen people with bodies that aged before their time. Older people with young bodies in rehab because of an accident - like 72-year-old Michelle, who was riding her bike and got hit by a car - recovered much faster than 55-year-old Denise, who spent her day sitting at a desk and making unhealthy food choices. No blame here; I get it. It isn't easy to find the time to take care of yourself when you have work and family responsibilities.

The good news is research shows that you don't have to exercise for endless hours and eat only vegetables to lose weight. There may be a medical reason why you can't get the weight off.

Could you be one of the 14 million people with the disease that causes weight loss resistance?

After filming the 30 minute Metabolism Booster two workout with Physician Assistant Kimberly Shapiro, (c0ming Healthwise Exercise TV) she shared some surprising facts that could be causing weight loss resistance and what tests to talk to your doctor about to find out if you have weight loss resistance.

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