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Women & men regain bladder control with 30 day bladder fix

30 Day Bladder Fix

I remember the exact moment when I realized that I no longer had to worry about having those pesky embarrassing accidents...

“3,2,1,” cued the stage manager as she directed me to begin another episode of Functional Fitness with Suzanne Andrews® for Public Television. I was fearful of doing workouts that could cause leaks, but this workout was a gentle stretch so no worries – Until – “ACHEW!” I sneezed and immediately thought, “Oh no not now!’ As soon as that thought raced through my mind, I realized that I was dry! Hallelujah! What a far cry from the first time that happened .

Since I'm a rehab clinician who follows my patients progress very closely, I also learned that my patients, who ranged in age from age 30 to 90, were also reporting great progress every week with the program I taught that included so much more than just regular kegals.

Doris's fractured risk caused from a leaky bladder...

Because the relationship between rehab therapist and patients is a close one, she eventually confided in me that she hurt her wrist from falling on urine. She leaked rushing to the bathroom, the floor got wet and boom - down she went and instinctively reached her hand out to protect herself from the impact.

And so began her treatment for urinary incontinence added to her plan of care.

Fast forward to 30 days later… she came in to the physical therapy clinic with a big smile on her face and exclaimed, "I slept all night without having to get up to pee." The next time I saw her, she said, " I can cough and sneeze pee free!" And now Doris, like many others who do 30 Day Bladder Fix are no longer at risk for a slip and fall.

Bladder Control Strengthens with 30 Day Bladder Fix

How Leaky Bladder=Death

Fall prevention is vital because according to Erika J. Mitchell, MD, and numerous studies, “Hip fractures kill,” the 30-day mortality rate after hip fracture is about 9 percent. It rises to 17 percent if the patient already has an acute medical problem. If a patient has heart failure while being treated for a hip fracture, the 30-day mortality increases to 65 percent. And if a patient has pneumonia after a hip fracture, the 30-day mortality increases to 43 percent.”

Because I’m a rehab therapist, everything I teach is evidenced based which simply means research supports that the exercises instructed in 30 Day Bladder Fix are medically proven to help women and men regain bladder control. And it's so much more than kegels! I ended up travelling all around the country teaching the methods in 30 Day Bladder Fix and medical professionals loved the results so much that when Prevention Magazine was doing a story on pelvic floor exercises that included more than kegels, they reached out to us and featured 30 Day Bladder Fix.

AS Featured in Prevention Magazine: More than Kegels

According to Pub Med, “Urinary frequency, nocturia, (having to go the bathroom a lot at night) and rushing to the bathroom to avoid urge incontinent episodes most likely increase the risk of falling, which then results in fractures. Early diagnosis and appropriate treatment of urge incontinence may decrease the risk of fracture."

Doris’s plight is an all too common one and thankfully she survived. My heart goes out to all women and men who suffer in silence: so I’m breaking the silence by helping you regain bladder control, whether you have a leaky bladder, pee too often or have prolapse. You really don't have to suffer or keep buying those expensive pads and padded underwear. You don't even have to pay high physical therapy co-pays either! 30 Day Bladder Fix is a medically proven sequence of easy pelvic floor exercises to treat overactive bladder and urinary incontinence naturally. Don't expect pharmaceutical or incontinence product companies to tell you about this. After all they want you to keep spending your money month after month, year after year. With 30 Day Bladder Fix you won't have to.

In The News: As Seen on PBS TV

Rated 4.5 Stars on Amazon

September 13, 2016 Verified Purchase Wow! This is exactly and I mean exactly what I needed. Had borrowed a friends copy so I was familiar with the exercises and have found them sooooo doable! So I realised I just had to get my own copy. At 61 and post menopause I felt everything going south. I would recommend anyone get this before that happens. The exercises are easy and well explained and I love the gentle mood music and the timer displayed. I also appreciated the bedtime exercises which I am doing before I go to sleep. I know this is helping because I can actually feel it working. Will keep you updated with my results after a couple of months. Thankyou so much Suzanne Andrews for creating this! 15 people found this helpful Flower1 5.0 out of 5 stars Awesome! May 1, 2019 Verified Purchase This is an excellent DVD. It has really help me with my situation. A physical therapist would have cost me a fortune. This was inexpensive, so really anyone can afford it. Plus it was nice to do these in the privacy of my own home.

Most important is that these exercises taught here really work. If you are considering getting this DVD , Do it! I recommend it. Frieda 5.0 out of 5 starsIt Works! February 11, 2017 Verified Purchase I bought this 3 weeks ago and am amazed at how it's working! i've been doing it regularly - because I just can't stand having to go all the time and leaking. i I finally slept all night without having to get up to go. I sneezed yesterday and I was dry. saves me money on pads now. I really like Suzanne Andrews DVDs and am glad to add this to my collection.

Sweetie O 5.0 out of 5 stars It works! October 30, 2018 Verified Purchase I had great results using this DVD and it didn't take 30 days . So glad I purchased this.


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