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Celebrity Shares Secret Cure for Bladder Control

What I’m about to share with you is embarrassing, but if it helps just one woman or man regain bladder control and overcome urinary incontinence, it will be worth it!

“OK, now, squeeze,” says the urologist.

I lie on the hard steel of the gynecology table, both feet nervously cradled in the stirrups, and naked from the waist down.

“Squeeze like you’re trying to hold back urine or gas.” I react with a laugh but am mortified. Until I had urinary incontinence, laughing was enjoyable. Now it’s embarrassing. Laughter, coughing, and exercising caused me to leak and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

The exam takes a few minutes, but feels like it’s been hours. Then the Doctor says to meet her in her office. “In her office, uh oh, now what?”

She tells me, “You have stress and urge incontinence. Stress incontinence is when you leak urine with no control over it; urge incontinence is when you have to urinate frequently.” She continues, “You need surgery.” She casually explains how she’s going to insert this metal mesh thing inside my privates.  I’m thinking, “are you serious, you want to cut me up and insert what in where!?”

Since I’m also a licensed Occupational Therapy Clinician, I left thinking there must be a better way. I did my homework and FOUND THE ANSWER.  Not just kegels and it’s not hard at all. I'd done kegels in the past, but no luck.

And now I know why. Doing kegels and expecting it to work is like working just 1 arm muscle and expecting to get flab free arms. Your pelvic floor muscles are comprised of so much more than what kegels works on. Besides kegels are hard to figure out if you're doing them right.

Since that day I’ve successfully treated myself and thousands of patients across the country with various forms of bladder control issues. Without pads, pills, surgery or inserting things.  


I’ve made it my mission to help everyone overcome this debilitating condition naturally.  Did you know that some people have fatal falls from rushing to the bathroom?  So if you suffer or a loved one suffer from this, it's no laughing matter and should be treated.

All eyes on me, and I leaked. Yikes!

I demonstrated a fat burning move for our TV series.

And there it was – an uncontrollable leak coming out of my lady parts and nothing I could do about it.  Oh, how I wished I was doing the seated version!  Twenty people on set and five cameras on me – leaking! 

Now, I’m not an actor, but at that moment, I managed to keep my poise and composure and called for a break. Thank goodness, I packed another identical pair of workout pants and we resumed taping. Either no one knew or they were just being really polite.

I Thought Only Old People Had It

In hindsight, pee problems have plagued me since I gave birth. Back then, I thought only older people had it, not mothers of young children. How ironic that now that I’m a grandmother, I no longer have to worry about bladder control. It is wonderful not living life ruled by my bladder! Imagine what it would be like if you could go out and not have to worry about where the closest bathroom is. Or going on a long trip and not having to stop all the time. Or getting the evil eye at work because you take too many bathroom breaks.

Incontinence is not a normal part of aging any more than surgery is. Have you heard about all the lawsuits from the mesh procedure? Serious problems arose from the mesh: permanent incontinence, severe discomfort and an inability to have sex.

The pills aren’t so great either. Constipation, dry mouth, headaches, and upset stomach are side effects to expect. Researchers found that out of 1000 women treated with drugs, only 200 achieved continence. That means 80% had to live through the side effects for nothing.

Pelvic Floor Muscles Before and After 30 Day Bladder Fix

As you age, life tends to become more sedentary. Which leads to muscle weakness. Which causes the pelvic floor muscles to not hold your urinary system in place which causes incontinence. 

Fearing surgery and not wanting to take pills, I developed a therapeutic pelvic floor strengthening program that targets ALL the muscles related to ending incontinence. Kegels alone just don’t hit all of them.  Doing the easy chair exercises sure beats taking a chance on experiencing severe complications from surgery, taking pills that don't work and are expensive.  Besides having to dish out money every single month for pads is what I call a forever expense. It doesn't get cheaper. I'm sure you have other things you'd rather spend your hard earned money on than pee!

My successful program was featured in Prevention Magazine, Fox News and nationally renowned women's health physician, Skeptical? I totally understand. Check out the screenshots below.

30 Day Bladder Fix for Bladder Control
30 Day Bladder Fix for Bladder Control Featured in Prevention Magazine

Bladder Control with 30 Day Bladder Fix
30 Day Bladder Fix Featured in Fox News for Bladder Control

30 Day Bladder fix teaches you the right exercises for rapid relief of a leaky and or overactive bladder and it works for prolapse too.

Physical therapists charge thousands for this treatment. Now you can save thousands on medical bills and incontinence products while you do your treatment in the comfort of your own home literally sitting in a chair!

The medically proven exercises have worked for thousands of women and men all across the country. 30 Day Bladder Fix was featured in Prevention Magazine and on PBS TV.

Make the decision now that can change your life. Check out 30 Day Bladder Fix on Amazon . It sells out fast so get yours now.

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