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Doctors Arthritis Tips for Healthy Joints

Doctors Tips to Ease Joint Pain in Knees, Hips and Back

When is arthritis just arthritis? Never. When left untreated, arthritis can progress to debilitating levels. In this video, you’ll find how you can reduce and relieve arthritis pain...the best exercises to stop joint damage...and tips to strengthen and protect your mobility and function.

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Arthritis pain can make even that simplest task agonizing. Knee, back, hip, hand, and shoulder pain not only keeps you from doing the things you enjoy but makes even routine daily activities daunting and difficult.

I also have arthritis and Functional Fitness is what keeps me going strong.

You can get freedom and relief from arthritis pain!
(If this 90+-year-old lady in the video did it, imagine your results). Click the video below and be inspired!

The fact is, more than 21 million people in the US will suffer the effects of osteoarthritis. Of course, if your arthritis is not bone on bone, you don’t have to suffer. (If it is bone on bone, you should talk to your doctor about your options). However, exercise is still important if your doctor recommends surgery. Dr. Traci Hedrick co-wrote a study published in the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, which noted that exercising before surgery "reduced patients' length of stay by 2.2 days, cut complication rates and led to a cost savings of more than $7,000 per patient."

You can’t just shrug off arthritis pain.

Arthritis doesn’t go away on its own. So it’s important to see a rheumatologist and do exercises that speed healing with targeted moves tailored for arthritis recovery.

Younger in 30 Days, Pain-Free Back and Neck, and Arthritis Water Therapy, you’ll discover how to effectively and safely achieve lasting pain relief, maintain flexibility, and renewed range of motion.

You don’t have to suffer in pain — or wonder.

From the doctors, physical and occupational therapy rehab clinicians, the Functional Fitness exercises will guide you through a series of evidence-based moves to initiate pain relief and improve mobility naturally. You’ll discover a proven approach to make your joints healthier with a complete workout to strengthen your knees, hips, back muscles...and much more.

Walk away from arthritis pain and say hello to Healthwise Exercise Functional Fitness DVDs. Don’t wait! Order your DVDs today and take advantage of the Buy 2 DVDs; get a third DVD FREE by putting in the promo code get1free at checkout!

Thank you for taking the time to care for a very important person - YOU! I appreciate you visiting my website and supporting a woman-owned business.

Wishing you healthiest blessings,

Suzanne Andrews


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