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Osteoporosis Exercises, Anytime, Anywhere

Great Osteoporosis exercises you can do anytime, anywhere

With or without weights, exercise is your body's best medicine.


First things first. Be safe. If you have been diagnosed with osteoporosis check with your doctor to determine just how advanced your condition is. Use that as a guidepost to choose a fitness routine safe for YOU. Begin at a pace you feel comfortable with. But don't baby yourself either. You'll need to be determined to beat this thing, just don't try to cure it this weekend. It will take some time and commitment to get this done. Always keep some water handy too.

You've heard that for every action there's an equal and opposite reaction. When you exercise using weights, your bones (and brain) sense this and automatically start to increase production of osteoblasts (bone matter) to strengthen and counteract the increased pressures on your skeleton its sensing. Amazing.

Be Committed, Consistent , Move Correctly

There is a great variety in the different exercises you can do. For best results do all of them. Do the ones you like most more often. Do them at home or anywhere you feel at ease even if a stranger is watching. Avoid injury and do them correctly.

Consider it a gift of better health, not a chore or sacrifice.

Stand on one leg...this is made easy by placing one hand on a chair back. It can be done while watching tv, waiting for a train or for something to cook (hand on countertop). Switch sides after a minute. 3x each side. Its risky to fall if you have brittle bones, good balance will prevent a fall in the first place.

Squats...Do a dozen reps 2x every day. With feet hip width apart, hands on a chair back, bend at the knees keeping your back straight, looking up. Go no further than your thighs parallel with the floor. Inhale going down, exhale coming up. Stronger hips and thighs make it easier to stand on one leg.

Hip Flexers... Standing with one hand on chair back, shift weight to your right foot then lifting left leg forward, to the side and back or noon, three and six. Switch legs. Perform one minute on each leg 3x. Take deep breaths as you work.

Hamstring Press...Take a big step forward either leg and hold. One hand on a chair or counter. Bending both knees, lower slightly then press up consentrating on using just the upper muscles of the extended leg. Press up 12 reps for 2x. Switch sides. Breathing deeply while performing this will help you to get through it.

Upper Body Too

Shoulder Flys...While seated or standing, using light dumbbells, arms down. Lift arms forward to shoulder level slow and controlled. Lower and then bring arms out to the sides up to shoulder level and lower. Counting seconds, each up and down sequence should take five seconds. Five seconds front, five seconds on the sides. Repeat for one minute and rest. Do 3x.

Bicep Curl...Using weights or a fitness band, starting with arms down, palms forward. Lift the weight up to your chest and lower. Nice and slow and controlled. Do 12 reps, rest for 30 seonds and repeat. Doing the movement slowly keeps the muscles contracted longer thereby making them stronger in less time. Never be in a hurry as you'll not really get anywhere.

The human metabolism was developed from 30,000 years of surviving in the wild eating leaves, beans and berries, not burgers shakes and fries. If you are new to physical activity we would recommend reducing and or eliminating breads, sugars and fried foods from your diet. Its best to combine clean, healthy food with daily exercise (remember action and reaction) as your body will begin to look better, feel better and perform better.

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