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5 Simple Steps to Lose Weight During the Holidays

1. Lose Weight Without Completely Forgoing Gravy and Salad Dressings

Instead of pouring on the gravy or dressings, place them in a separate container. Then, dip your fork into the sauce. You will get some flavor without all of the calories and hardened arteries.

Love salad dressing? Try balsamic vinegar and use a sprayer to spritz on olive oil. You can add flavor with seasonings - Italian seasoning is delicious with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.

Healthwise Exercise Tip: BENEFITS OF OLIVE OIL

Benefits of Olive Oil
Olive Oil has disease fighting properties

My Italian mother cooked everything with olive oil. She would say, "It's good for you." She was right. Extra Virgin Olive oil has cancer and heart disease-fighting properties. Plus, it can lower the risk of stroke by 40 percent.

But don't overdo it because Olive oil has 119 calories in 1 tablespoon so using a spritzer or measuring one tablespoon is best!

Do this to Mashed Potatoes

Mash the potatoes with chicken bullion instead of cream and butter. The best potatoes to use to absorb the flavor is Yukon Gold or Russet potatoes. To do this, you will need 1 cup of chicken broth per 2 and a half cups of potatoes. 1 Serving is only 100 calories versus One 5 oz serving of butter and cream mashed potatoes with 200 calories,

Drink Up

Drink Water for Weight Loss
Alternate wine with a glass of water

If you enjoy a glass of wine with your holiday meal, alternate it with a glass of water. Drinking water speeds up metabolism and is a great way to counter dehydration from alcohol. In addition, your body can not burn fat or carbohydrates without water so drink up! 6 - 8 cups a day is enough to keep the pounds away. Get a head start by drinking a glass as soon as you get up in the morning.

Muscle Burns More Fat

Resistance Exercise Burns Fat for Faster Weight Loss
Resistance Exercise Burns Fat

Have you ever gone on a diet with your husband and noticed they lose weight much faster, even though you're eating sticks and grass and they are munching away on steak! This is because men have more muscle and more muscle equals a faster metabolism. Pound for pound, muscle burns fat at a quicker pace than fat does. A person with more muscle burns fat even during sleep! So pick up the weights, incorporate two days a week of strength training into your routine and rev up your fat-burning engine. Just make sure to do the exercises correctly for fast weight loss. (Lift weights in a controlled manner).

Turn Holiday Stress into a Smaller Size Dress With This Simple Technique

Stress is all around us and can multiply during the holidays. While you can't avoid stress, you can manage stress with this simple breathing technique used in therapy.

For the best results, it's important to do this exercise correctly as instructed below.

A.) Inhale through your nose for four counts as if you're smelling flowers. Make sure to expand your belly before expanding your chest.

Healthwise Exercise Tip: WHY INHALE THROUGH YOUR NOSE?

Your nose has hair in it called cilia. The cilia help block out dust particles. Inhaled air is moistened, warmed, and cleansed by the tissue that lines the nasal cavity.

B.) Exhale for eight counts as if you're blowing out your birthday candles.

Doing one breathing exercise set of 3 will not only decrease stress but will also increase oxygen and speed up your metabolism. You may have heard this technique being touted as an independent weight-loss tool. While this is one essential tool, you can't just breathe this way and lose weight. You must practice this with regular exercise, low impact cardio, alternating with two days of strength training to quickly say goodbye to your pounds and hello to the healthiest body you ever will have!


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